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Fraternity House, Inc. was founded as a nonprofit in 1988 and operates the only two Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically-Ill (RCF-CI’s) in San Diego County. This license allows us the flexibility to provide transitional, long-term or hospice care in our homes. Fraternity House in the Elfin Forest (between Carlsbad and Escondido, south of San Marcos) is home to eight men; Michaelle House in Vista houses twelve men and women.

Fraternity House in Escondido

The mission of Fraternity House, Inc. is to provide warm and caring homes where vulnerable persons disabled by HIV/AIDS can receive comprehensive care and services in order to rebuild their health and return to independent living, or where they can spend their last days in comfort and dignity.

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Michaelle Fraternity House in Vista

Offers a residential care facility for men and women with HIV/AIDS. Provides low-cost permanent or transitional housing in a homelike atmosphere for people who have HIV/AIDS. Provides 3 meals daily, laundry, housekeeping, personal care services, transportation services, rehabilitation activities, and referrals to medical, psychological support, and social services. Also offers hospice-like care.

Does not provide direct medical, nursing, or mental health care.

When the AIDS epidemic first hit, people didn’t have common knowledge about how you could “catch” the virus that would become known as HIV.  Fear was pervasive and many who were infected were evicted from their housing or turned away by family and friends.  In the mid 1980’s a gentleman by the name of Ray Beierle opened his door to help, caring for homeless and very ill individuals at his Oceanside home.  When neighbors began to inquire why so many (mostly male) people lived at one house, his stock answer was, “Tell them it’s a fraternity house.”  The name stuck and the organization was formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1988. In 1997, due to increasing need, we opened Michaelle House in Vista, CA, named for Michaelle Liddell, one of the first straight, white women in Southern California to publicly acknowledge her HIV status and a fierce advocate for resources and support for Persons With AIDS (PWA).

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