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Frontline Aids

The frontline of HIV is not a single, fixed thing or location; it is everywhere, across continents, spanning generations, and within different people and communities. Like water, the frontline of HIV ebbs and flows, moves and shifts, has moments of calm and times of turbulence.

Across the world, many of us live the fortunate side of the frontline, where we are heard, supported and championed.

Some of us live the other side. MARGINALISED. SILENCED.

But it is communities who truly are the frontline of HIV. They promote prevention, demand treatment, support harm reduction and advocate against discriminatory laws.

Frontline AIDS has worked on this shifting frontline for 25 years, listening to the voices of people marginalised by the line – the communities who are hit hardest by the AIDS epidemic.

We invite you to listen first-hand to community members about life on the ever-moving frontline. The people in this film are our friends, our colleagues, our partners and, above all, our inspiration.

When we work together to secure a future free from AIDS for everyone, everywhere, communities make the difference.

This establishment offers education & prevention and HIV AIDS information.

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South Africa Office
Sunclare Building 

Frontline AIDS
21 Dreyer, ST, Claremont
Cape Town, SA 7708
+27 (0)21 003 9100

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UK Office
Preece House 

91-101 Davigdor Road
Hove, BN3 1RE, UK
+44 (0)1273 718900



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