June 5th is HIV Long Term Survivors Awareness Day #HLTSAD

June 5th is HIV Long Term Survivors Awareness Day #HLTSAD

HIV Long term survivors awareness day is June 5th.  The organization  “Let’s kick ass” has pulled together advocacy information to support this day.  From their web site:

HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day (HLTSAD) is June 5, 2021, on the 40th anniversary of the first five cases of AIDS reported in the US in 1981.

With the theme “AIDS at 40: Envisioning a Future We Never Imagined”, Let’s Kick ASS‑AIDS Survivor Syndrome invites all HIV/AIDS long-term survivors to send us YOUR unmet needs, issues, and challenges.

Send an email to: Action@LetsKickASS.org. Between now and September 1, 2020, we will compile your priorities, and together we’ll mobilize for change.

On September 18, 2021, HIV and Aging Awareness Day, we’ll begin working on tangible calls to action to improve the quality of our lives. September 18 is also the anniversary of LKA’s first town hall in 2013.

It’s up to us to set our action plan addressing the present-day and future needs, issues, and challenges facing people living longest with HIV/AIDS.

We’ve waited long enough.

HLTSAD is not a time to look back at our traumatic pasts. (That’s for World AIDS Day.) Our goal over the coming months is for YOU to set our agenda and priorities for moving forward and take action to make changes. 

People living with HIV/AIDS deserve to age with dignity.


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